About East Shore

"We" was originally me - Jeri Mesching, teacher, homemaker and an innovative cook who made everything from scratch. In 1986, my children were raised and I decided to fill the void with my second love, cooking. I started EAST SHORE with one product, Sweet and Tangy Mustard. The label shows our family home which is on the east shore of a small lake, hence the name EAST SHORE SPECIALTY FOODS.

To market my mustard I conducted many tastings in local gourmet food stores. These events were also market research. Watching people eat and enjoy something I made was all the encouragement I needed to keep me moving forward. My old-fashioned cooked mustard was far too special to be served with an ordinary pretzel so I developed EAST SHORE Seasoned Pretzels as a companion for the mustard. The rest you may say is history. Customers loved the pretzels and mustard together and soon I was selling two products.

As demand grew, so did our kitchen, product line and team of employees - slowly and carefully. Today our production takes place in a custom designed processing plant, which we built in 1995. My basic standards for cooking prevail. EAST SHORE uses only the best ingredients just as I do at home. Our small and dedicated staff, including my two grown children, is committed to offering our buyers the finest specialty foods and best customer service possible.