Slow Cooked Mustard

Whether DIPPING, SPREADING or COOKING you can't go wrong with EAST SHORE Specialty Mustards. Loyal to homemade tradition EAST SHORE old fashioned cooked mustards are still blended in small batches using all natural ingredients. With no added salt our mustards are perfect for the health conscious consumer.

Best known as dips for our popular EAST SHORE Specialty Pretzels EAST SHORE Mustards don't stop there. They add a zesty burst of flavor when used as a spread on all types of sandwiches. The same intense flavor makes our mustards the perfect secret ingredient in any recipe calling for mustard. Flavor varieties include Sweet & Tangy, Coarse with Dill, Mild with Tarragon, Key Lime with Ginger, Chipotle and Garlic and Pepper.

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