Mustard for Cheese Stone Ground

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Use East Shore Specialty Foods Mustard for Cheese Stone Ground as a spread for cheese, on your favorite cheese board or as an enhancement in your favorite cheese dish. This Mustard is crafted from the finest ingredients in our own kitchen using our traditional slow-cooked method.

Non-GMO Project Verified

Non-GMO Project verified

No Salt Added

Product of U.S.A.

Serving Suggestions: Enjoy as an accompaniment to charcuterie boards as well as an enhancement in your favorite cheese dishes.

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5 reviews
Unbelievably Good
I received a 5 oz. jar of this in my advent calendar from Delicious Food Delivered. I'm not even a "mustard person" but my husband and I seriously opened and finished the entire jar that same day. I am online right now ordering several more jars. My husband has not stopped asking me if I ordered more and I am craving it too. I have no idea what magic occurs in the making of this delicious product but we are hooked!
Lauren Gentile
Mustard on cheese sounds incongruous until you try it. It is so damn good that I tried it as a pizza dip which was better than any other ones that I have had.
Michael Ullock
Mustard for Cheese
My husband is hard to get things food wise because since he was in a bad accident his taste has changed. We were sent a gift with your Mustard for Cheese in it. He likes it and wants me to buy more of it. Thanks for making something he really likes.
Merilee Oriani
I was reluctant - but now I'm a believer
This is phenomenal mustard. I was very reluctant to try it, as a matter of fact this jar of mustard was the laughing stock of my entire business because of the name. "Mustard for cheese". Say that out loud. Awkward. I worried that if I rebelled and tried this on anything other than cheese men in suits might take me away. I wondered if adding a cracker to the mix might disobey strict orders to use on cheese. My partner received this as part of a gift basket and we wondered from first impression thought it would be terrible. Because it's a jar, that tells you what to do. Not a suggestion such as great on cheese. No, it's mustard for cheese. In closing, Mustard for cheese is a PHENOMENAL MUSTARD! I thoroughly enjoyed it on Australian cheese. P.S. East shore specialty foods, would you kindly grant me written permission to use this mustard for cheese on other foods?
Austin Rodrigues
This is the best mustard I have EVER EVER tasted!!!!!!!
Jane Snell