Coarse with Dill Mustard

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A robust mustard with an appealing blend of whole and crushed mustard seeds accented with dill.

No Salt Added

Product of U.S.A.

Serving Suggestions: East Shore Coarse With Dill Mustard Is An Excellent All Purpose Mustard. Great On A Sandwich, It Enhances The Flavor Of Meats And Cheeses.

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9 reviews
Best. mustard. on. earth.
This is the best mustard on earth, hands down. Received a small bottle in a gift basket and after one taste, sprinted to the internet to acquire more. BUY THIS NOW.
Already want more
Just got some and want more already. I see a need for larger jars for sale. Yum.
Jeremy Sciascia
My wow secret ingredient
This coarse mustard has been my secret ingredient, for years, in homemade chicken salad, potato salad, egg salad, on pork roast, and of course, on all kinds of sandwiches. The pop of mustard seeds gives great texture to any dish. I buy it 4 10oz jars at a time.
Philip and Ruth Moorhead
Wow! Placing a second order ASAP
I received a small jar from my holiday gift package. It was gone within a few days. I then placed an order for multiple jars and those are gone to. Placing my second order. Wow just wow. You won't regret purchasing.
Gerard Rogan
A week later, and the jar is already gone!
We found this mustard at a cheese shop in Western Wisconsin. A week later and the jar is gone! We have been snacking on pretzels dipped in this mustard, and it is so good! While I don't taste any dill, it has a bit of sweetness to it, and it is delicious! Gotta order more!
Melissa D
This mustard is NOW ALL I CRAVE!!!!! Soooooooo amazing!!!! I can't wait to order more! Amy A.
This mustard is sweet, textured & flavorful. Lather on Rack of Lamb, cook on the Bar B. Gourmet meal in no time! Great on steaks and sandwiches. Received it as a Gift in a food basket and the whole family loved the flavor so much we now use it all the time.
This mustard is beyond delicious.
This mustard is terrific. We've used it as a dip for pretzels and spread it on all kinds of sandwiches. Adding this mustard turned a regular dish into a gourmet dish. If you are looking for that extra zing in your dish, you must try this mustard!
Since finding this in a specialty shop on the East Coast USA we always have it in our refrigerator. It is excellent on sandwiches and superior for salmon.