Seasoned Pretzels

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The original EAST SHORE Seasoned Pretzels derive a fresh and appealing flavor from a unique blend of herbs and spices. 

Product of U.S.A.

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9 reviews
Yummy snack
These pretzels are so good. The crunch of the pretzel and the flavor is perfect. My 4yr old and I almost finished in one day.
Jamie Durham
Much more mild than dots with more flavor.
Jerry Hunter
Excellent pretzels
I received this as a Thanksgiving gift. The pretzels have a great flavor. Therefore I am ordering more.
Pretzels are delicious!
Anne Sides
Hands down BEST PRETZELS I've ever had. Got them for Christmas now I'm ordering more... Need I say more.
We received a small bag of these in a gift basket. I couldn't stop eating them. The most delicious flavored pretzel I've ever had.
Sheila Q
Totally Addicted
East Shore was always in my house growing up. They are so good that when I saw that my parents had them these 10 years later, I was so excited. The seasoning is like nothing else. So good and addictive. I'm pretty sure I eat the whole bag every time I get them.
These pretzels are incredibly flavored and not too terribly unhealthy. I love the flavor so much!!
Alicia W
Tastiest Pretzels!
Crunchy, perfect seasonings, salt, garlic, anchovy, too. Buying more! Much more flavorful than any mass production pretzel on the market. I am officially spoiled!