Sweet and Tangy Mustard

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The original EAST SHORE mustard has an intense taste with a zesty burst of flavor.

No Salt Added

Product of U.S.A.

Serving Suggestions: East Shore Sweet And Tangy Mustard Is The Perfect Secret Ingredient In Any Recipe Calling For Mustard. Also Great As A Dipping Mustard With East Shore Seasoned Pretzels.

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22 reviews
Wisconsin's Best!
I got my first jar from The Eligant Farmer in Mukwonago I believe in 1987-88. After moving out of state, the one thing from Wisconsin always in my fridge has been your Sweet & Tangy Mustard! Don't leave state without it!
Todd Huebner
Obsessed !
I received this mustard in a pretzel, cheese and mustard gift basket. I wasn't even going to try it but my husband insisted that I do because he thought it was awesome. Well now I am obsessed. I am reading reviews and I am ordering other things because if this mustard is this good than the other products must be similar in quality. I will write more reviews after I try the new things that I am ordering today.
Kimberly Bellini
I received a small bottle as part of an advent calendar for Cratechef in 2021 and loved it definitely purchasing
I've gotten this mustard in gift sets. It sat in my cupboard for a while because I'm not a fan of mustard. I used it on my Chicken Bacon Ranch Panini's, and OMG, I'm not using anything else but... It's soooo good!!
Sandra Styczynski
I bought this as part of a gift basket and now I'm hooked on expensive mustard.
Kenneth J
Soooo good
This mustard was in the Welcome Home basket my realtors gave me when I recently purchased my house. I tried it last night with pretzels and it was amazing! Sweet and Tangy is a perfect description! I'm marinating chicken it for dinner tonight.
Lauren Lipps
So good!!
I got this mustard as part of a gift, Wow! I'm not even a mustard fan and now I crave this mustard. I can't wait to try some of the others from this brand. East Shore, you've made me a mustard fan!
Allison D
Awesome taste!
This is my favorite mustard now...Awesome taste!
D. P.
I don't love mustard, but......
I've never been a big fan...I like a little on my burger and that's about it. Some recipes call for mustard and my husband had received this as a gift so I was using it up and it was an amazing add to recipes! I can't believe I'm goi g out of my way to buy a special mustard!
Fiona Kapilovic
Great for brats
If you doe on sausages Sheboyan brats (now ubiquitously available thanks to Johnsonville), you really need this mustard for dippling.
Dana F. Sutton
Simply the best
I craved this mustard the entire time we lived in FL. Such a classic Midwest staple.
hhhmmm good
Delicious. The tiny bottle did not last long. I will order more.
I bought a jar of this while visiting an apple orchard. I primarily bought it because it has 0 sodium. I couldn't believe how tasty it is with pretzels! I love it so much, I am going to purchase more online, and want to try some of the recipes posted on the website!
Mrs. A
One of the very best!
This is such a delicious mustard. I love slathering it on a slice of ham, rolling it up and munching out on that wonderful combination of flavors! Time to order some more and experiment with other foods.
Kelly K
Received in a gift basket. This is too good to only come in 5oz jars, this amount might be good for an afternoon but where is the 30, 50, or 100 oz jars! Amazing mustard, don't ever stop making.
Ryan Morford
Great mustard!
My son bought a collection of goodies for Mother's Day. A couple of the goodies were Sweet and Tangy mustard and dipping pretzels. My husband tried them and it was love at first bite. Just had to come back for more.
Ang C.
My sister in law gave me this mustard in a gift basket , I'm in South Carolina so I had never tried it before . I Love, Love ,Love it ! Recommend trying it .....going to be ordering more when I get low .
this mustard is the best i dont like mustard usually but its the right mix of sweet and tangy!!
The Best Tasting
Got this in a gift box of cheese, pretzels and mustard. The mustard was so good we immediately had to find out where to buy some. WOW! Really grabs the taste buds. What a delight!
Deliciousness personified
This mustard is so delicious that I've been recommending it to colleagues for nearly 15 years. I use it to make a mustard sauce for chicken; I use it on sandwiches; I use it for dipping pretzels. It's versatile and amazing in every use. Give it a shot; you won't be disappointed.
The first time I had this mustard was in a resort gift basket. It was so amazing I came to the web site to buy more. Outstanding product!!
Denim Alpaca